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          当莱拉·基特里奇'78 开始教 Primer at CCES in 1995, the 较低的学校 was in the old Sunday School classrooms at Christ Church in downtown Greenville.



          那个教室是从一个太太太大的不同。基特里奇教授在今天。她的 底漆教室 现在是在同一个校园,因为所有的等级水平,以及它拥有的不仅仅是桌椅等等。


          “Now, I am in a large classroom with a huge wall of windows, computers, iPads, a SMART board, doc cam, and a speaker system,” Mrs. Kittredge said.


          And for the past two years, Mrs. Kittredge’s classes have been Skyping with a class in Brazil every month. The classes use technology to learn about cultural differences.

          Mrs. Kittredge’s progressive teaching style isn’t limited to the latest in technology, though. She has always strived to find the best ways to teach young children.

          One tactic she’s implemented in her class is alternative seating. She allows students to select the best spot for them to do their work.
          “We have spaces with standing desks, wobble stools where they engage their core muscles and wiggle a bit, core disks on the floor at a low desk as well as rocking chairs and yoga mats for reading,” Mrs. Kittredge said.

          “Children choose different places throughout the day where they can be comfortable, focused and doing their best.”

          While Mrs. Kittredge’s classroom today may look much different from the one she taught in in the old Sunday School classroom at Christ Church, what’s most important about CCES has remained the same.


          “基督教堂一直是一所学校 学术水平高,” Mrs. Kittredge said, “but more importantly it has always been a place where deep and lasting relationships are nurtured and young people are encouraged to develop to their highest potential.”

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          Mrs. Kittredge says that she’s not the only teacher at CCES who develops lifelong friendships with the students.

          “The administration, faculty, and students tend to become friends and mentors for life,” Mrs. Kittredge said.

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          上学校 参赞。

          “It is my deepest desire that they may have the privilege and pleasure of growing up at CCES in the nurturing, caring and intellectually stimulating environment that we know and love,” Kittredge said.  


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